Focusing on the micro while considering the macro

Chemistry can shed light on every object and phenomenon on earth. So it stands to reason that chemical technologies and our capacity to develop them are essential to our future.

As a specialist in chemicals, Hayashi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. tackles the microscopic world of the elements while at the same time visualizing the vastness of nature and lives of people all over the world to contribute to a brighter future.

  • Printing and Dyeing:Chemical agent technologies

    Originating from the business of dyeing Japanese kimonos, this division today develops a range of dyes and printing and chemical agents for various textiles and materials.

  • Soil improvement and Plant activation:Biotechnology

    This division researches and develops agents for farms and golf courses with the aim of producing the ideal soils for agriculture and gardening, activating plants and greening.

  • Fine ceramics:Ceramic engineering

    Engaged in the development of ceramic materials for various electronic components, this division supports a range of fields encompassing medicine, communication, railways and consumer electronics.

Technology/Product Development Flow

  1. Interviews

  2. Testing and verification

  3. Follow-up


Hayashi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Headquarters and factories 6-200-1,tehara,ritto city,Shiga, Japan

  • twenty-minutes walk from “Ritto” Station on the JR Biwako Line.
  • seven-minutes walk from “Tehara” Station on the JR Kusatsu Line.